Show No Mercy is New York City / Long Island based four-piece band that exclusively covers songs by the legendary thrash metal band - Slayer. Show No Mercy is best known for duplicating the live energy and intensity of a real Slayer show.

Show No Mercy History: The earliest version of the band was formed in 2005 by guitarist Leo Bakman (from S.P.O.R.E. and Immortal Suffering) and Alex Abayev (from Deimos). For Leo, it was a side project to his Death Metal band GrotesquEuphoria. On bass they recruited Naed who: “had played in too many hardcore bands to name.” John Marzan (from Asphyxiation) was the drummer and  Matt Szablewicz (of Cerebral Hemorrhage) was brought in as a lead singer singing in a death metal style.

The Slayer cover band was named Reborn. The term 'cover band' was used to give the band leeway to play Slayer songs differently than the originals.  The band soon realized their choice of a band name Reborn brought about confusion - people thought they were a Christian band.

It wasn’t long before bassist Naed completely disappeared. There were rumors of “a life of crime,” and “abduction by aliens” but no one knows for sure. The new bass player was Carl Zeilfelder formerly of Theomachy and guitar player Brian Hobbie (of Internal Bleeding and Catastrophic) replaced Abayev.  This lineup played shows throughout 2006.

The band began to fall apart when singer Matt Szablewicz left the band and Brian Hobbie went out on a European tour with Vital Remains. Reborn's last show was in March 2007 with Gabe Madsen (from GrotesqEuphoria) filling in on drums. 

The band spent some time unsuccessfully auditioning vocalists and searching for a guitar player. They took a year off until late in 2008 when they found a second guitarist named Billy Davis (from Psychic Vacuum). Bassist Carl Z. took on the vocal duties bringing a traditional Slayer format of; singing bass player, two guitars, and drums. The band's new name was Show No Mercy.

Show No Mercy" played its first gig in May, 2009 and continued around the New York City area tribute band club circuit. In September 2009 Gabe Madsen left to focus his energies on the GrotesquEuphoria band. Show No Mercy spent 4 months auditioning many drummers trying to find one who could handle all of Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo's beats. James Baldassano formerly of No Redeeming Social Value, Hostile Intent and Black Bloody Black came in and debuted with the band at the world famous Duff's Brooklyn on February 13, 2010. After 4 years, James took a hiatus from the band to focus on other projects.

In July 2014, Mark Achabal filled in for 6 months on drums and played four shows. Mark also plays in Zao Bog. His former band credits include: Overkill, Doro Pesch's Warlock, and Warrior Soul. Mark is known for his arena-sized drum kit. His first show was at The Even Flow Thrashfest on July 12, 2014. In January 2015, Show No Mercy's Dave Lombardo; James Baldassano returned to the band on drums

In January 2017 Carl Z. left the band to relocate to North Carolina. He was replaced on vocals and bass by Steve Miller Formerly of the bands Savagist and Ceramic Dvck.